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Degree in Chemical Engineering    

The degree in Chemical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida (Campus Igualada-UdL) aims to train professionals from the world of chemical engineering with a very practical side, in a wide range of industrial activities.

The word engineering comes from wit, which is "the faculty that man has to think, invent quickly and easily." Thus, the main function of an engineer is to give viable solutions to the problems that arise from the different fields related to the practical sciences. On the other hand, chemistry comes from alchemy and one could say that it is the science that studies the composition, structure and ownership of the different substances and their transformations. Therefore, chemical engineering is the art of carrying out a chemical transformation of substances on an industrial scale.

Chemical engineering is a basically applied area of ​​knowledge that deals with industrial chemical processes from its conception to its correct operation. Graduate in chemical engineering work in a wide range of industrial activities, applying their knowledge of science and technology to solve the different problems efficiently, safely and economically in pharmaceutical, construction, paper, petrochemical, electronic and microelectronic industries, of polymers, biotechnology, environment, etc.

In addition, with profession you can act positively in all industrial and economic processes for the preservation of ecology and the environment.